Bleach c271

271 :: If you rise from the ashes

Ulquiorra is 4th Espada…such strength!!!

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Bleach 121

6th opening: ALONES – Aqua Timez

good job! Pierrot studio ,this opening is great…and it’s true that there is

so mush spoilers in it..but it would very much suit the new upcoming arc

and a Bleach freak would be so satisfied to watch this opening…

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Bleach 121, I give this episode a rating of 8/10….the episode showed

the might of Grimmjaw as a new character in the anime ,and I liked how

Matsumoto, Renji, Hitsugaya beat the arrancars…yet it was hard,…


the funny scene of Keigo’s sister is great,and one of the rare scenes in

the anime …and the way Tousen looked in this episode is way much

better than the manga ,and by this episode they ended the2nd attack

of the arrancars on the real world can’t wait to watch the 3rd attack

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Bleach c270

the fight of Ichigo vs Ulquiorra begins

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Bleach c269

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The site of Sony Music released a clip of 40 seconds for the spreading
of the new music of the Oreskaband band. This music will be 11th closing of
Bleach and will air in 11 April. The band who already was responsible for 14th closing of Naruto,
The Single of the band is marked for launching in day 09/05/2007.

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Bleach 120

Hitsugaya Falls! The Broken Hyourinmaru

this episode is interesting for the Arrancar fans only, no shinigami fans like

to see Renji or Toushiro gets beaten badly, for this wasn’t very nice episode

except for the last part when they got the limit released…but I think there

is some lowering down in the animation quality…

and I have noticed that in Renji’s Bankai…it was’t cool at all seeing

the bankai move in slow pattern, the amazing things in this episode is

the true forms of both Arrancars…and how Urahara little servant girl

kicked Ilforte…she’s amazing (everybody remembers how she kicked

Ichigo before)…to sum up this episode wasn’t what I expected but it was

good…and finally Kon got his own story going on…lol..

next week no episode…Episode 121 will be airing on April 11th and is entitled, “Clash! The Protector vs. The Bearer.” That episode will feature a new opening and ending theme. The title of the new opening song has not been announced yet, but it is by Aqua Timez, the group that did the Bleach movie theme. (No, the movie has not been released on DVD and therefore cannot be subbed, so don’t ask) The new ending theme is “Tsumasaki” by Ore Ska Band.

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Bleach c268

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