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Bleach c274


Bleach 274 RAW

Bleach 247 by Kokotas 


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Bleach c273


Bleach c273 RAW

Bleach c273 MQ by #blood-scanlations DDL

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Bleach c272

BLEACH 272 :: Don’t Kill My Volupture

Quick summary:
Ichigo is totally defeated by Ulquiorra.
Inoue can sense it ..well she says “Kurosaki kun?”
Someone (loli and menoli…aizens 2 guard/fan girls) shows up in her room.
Renji is struggling but Ishida shows up to help.
Grimmjaw bursts into Inoue’s room at the end.

Bleach 272 RAW

Bleach c272 #blood-scanlations

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Bleach c271

271 :: If you rise from the ashes

Ulquiorra is 4th Espada…such strength!!!

Bleach c271 RAW 

Bleach c271 LQ #bloodscanlations 

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Bleach c270

the fight of Ichigo vs Ulquiorra begins

Bleach c270 RAW

Bleach c270 MQ #blood-scanlations

Bleach c270 HQ  #M7

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Bleach c269

Bleach c269 RAW

Bleach c269 LQ by des || Bleach c269 LQ by #bloodscanlations

Bleach c269 HQ by M7 

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Bleach c268

Bleach ch 268 RAW

Bleach ch 268 by #blood-scanlations

Bleach ch 268 HQ by #Maximum7

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