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Bleach 125

 I haven’t got the time to blog lately…but this episode was nice one

Kenpachi hits the scene, and that almost complete Hollowification

is awesome, this episode took 3 chapters 221 to 223

As far as animation goes, the last few episodes have been pleasantly

consistent. Seems like Pierrot finally got their touch good again


don’t miss Gin in the end.

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Bleach 124

this time I’m late..I’ve been so busy lately, but I haven’t forgotten about bleach
there is always time for bleach …this week the episode is kind of taken another way
and tried to reach the main theme of the anime…the thing I understood from this episode
that if you have a dream or ambition you must fight for it…and challenge everything that stands in your way

and if you slowed down on your dream just like ichigo did …you don’t really are worthy of that dream…
and that’s how ichigo’s hollow explained it as he will replace him as a king if he was so fake


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Bleach 123

Amazing episode…funny,and has quite the action ,I found Ichigo’s hollow really frieghtining
but Hyori is cool too…her ability to control her hollow amazed him as it amazed all of us,when
will ichigo reach this point, those vizards are really funny I especially liked that Love guy with
the glasses …I think I’ll buy that nordic track of hyouri seems really good…


once again ichigo forced to fight his hollow this time with full strength…his hollow looks more
powerful this time ,I couldn’t feel more satisfied with hoe this episode came out…It’s really cool
can’t wait to watch next week …the black vs white fight


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Bleach 122

this episode is somehow nice…I liked the first part where they demonstrated the
life in Hueo Mundo and the relation betwen the espada Grimmjaw and Tousen
I liked the introduction of the vizards to this episode …we waited a lot for this


now the training will begin on the other hand, Sadu went to Urahara seeking training too
some new events had been added but they somehow made the episode more great
nice goin there with the music themes….i guess we will see a new OST soon
next episode will continue the training.


note: 1-poor Kon what’s happening to him in the Soul society

2-I noticed that the Vizards have quite an array of voice actors, including Sugita Tomokazu (who already voices Nova), Inada Tetsu (who already voices Capt. Komamura), and Kanda Akemi. In any case, I’m excited to see them and am looking forward to these next episodes.

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Bleach 120

Hitsugaya Falls! The Broken Hyourinmaru

this episode is interesting for the Arrancar fans only, no shinigami fans like

to see Renji or Toushiro gets beaten badly, for this wasn’t very nice episode

except for the last part when they got the limit released…but I think there

is some lowering down in the animation quality…

and I have noticed that in Renji’s Bankai…it was’t cool at all seeing

the bankai move in slow pattern, the amazing things in this episode is

the true forms of both Arrancars…and how Urahara little servant girl

kicked Ilforte…she’s amazing (everybody remembers how she kicked

Ichigo before)…to sum up this episode wasn’t what I expected but it was

good…and finally Kon got his own story going on…lol..

next week no episode…Episode 121 will be airing on April 11th and is entitled, “Clash! The Protector vs. The Bearer.” That episode will feature a new opening and ending theme. The title of the new opening song has not been announced yet, but it is by Aqua Timez, the group that did the Bleach movie theme. (No, the movie has not been released on DVD and therefore cannot be subbed, so don’t ask) The new ending theme is “Tsumasaki” by Ore Ska Band.

Bleach 120 Torrent

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Bleach 119

  it’s always good to watch how Ikkaku was, as a fan of Ikkaku

I enjoyed this episode a lot…I liked how they went back to the first fight with Zaraki

and how they are the same ( Kenpachi and Ikkaku) but the difference is the power

this episode is fine,but not better than 118,… how amazing is to get

Zaraki back into the anime ,Long time no appearance Zaraki taichou

although it’s just the memories.

the Renji scene was good too, I liked the scene how Ikkaku refused to be a taichou

in the manga  and it’s done good here too…can’t wait to watch next week

Bleach 119 from ID-TV 

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Bleach 118

so I think it’s a great fight …I loved the music themes and both Ikkaku and Edorad were great, especially Ikkaku,….first great moment was when Edorad released his zanpakutou I didn’t see all that fire coming in the Manga lol ^^ I just read about that he has a volcano fire -thx to the anime we saw that-

and I think we will see the moment when the other guys release the true form of their zanpakutou -can’t wait to see that- poor how great the moment of Ikkaku’s bankai….I think for me as an addicted Bleach fan and Ikkaku’s fan it was awesome and thanx to the animation team it looked like they worked hard on this,….next week no episode so I’ve heard.

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