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Bleach c274


Bleach 274 RAW

Bleach 247 by Kokotas 


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Bleach 125

 I haven’t got the time to blog lately…but this episode was nice one

Kenpachi hits the scene, and that almost complete Hollowification

is awesome, this episode took 3 chapters 221 to 223

As far as animation goes, the last few episodes have been pleasantly

consistent. Seems like Pierrot finally got their touch good again


don’t miss Gin in the end.

torrent here

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Bleach 124

this time I’m late..I’ve been so busy lately, but I haven’t forgotten about bleach
there is always time for bleach …this week the episode is kind of taken another way
and tried to reach the main theme of the anime…the thing I understood from this episode
that if you have a dream or ambition you must fight for it…and challenge everything that stands in your way

and if you slowed down on your dream just like ichigo did …you don’t really are worthy of that dream…
and that’s how ichigo’s hollow explained it as he will replace him as a king if he was so fake


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